parc des Parelles
The concept of the Parc
Develop and protect a site remarkable for its nature and landscape .
Create a network of foothpaths that allows the discovery and uniqueness of the site.
Promote the site and the George Sand attribuation, actually the concept of the Black Valley and the author, relies more on the monuments which make allusion to the life of George Sand, than on the natural sites. Along with the Mare au Diable, the Parc des Parelles is a strong essentially natural point.
The site consists of a granite substratum, visible by the blocks of granite laid on the ground. It is situated some distance from the last sedimentary ground of the Paris Basin. The vegetation is typical of an acid soil, marked by the presence of species such as Chestnut, Birch and Foxglove. There are a number of large Beech trees, this species, not very abundant in the South Boischaut, marks the approach of the Massif Central. At the edge of the streams, and in the moist meadows that are adjacent, can be found many interesting plant species. In summer pollinating insects are abundant in the Parc.

The Parc des Parelles is part of surrounding farmland.
It is situated on the valley floor, in an environment where the terrain is quite marked (succession of small plateaus, slopes, stream courses).
The park is wooded, and as such, it contrasts with the surrounding vegetation line.
In terms of land it is highly differentiated, with a varied topography and a mosaic of micro-landscapes. There is a strong presence of woodland, meadows irrigated by brooks, boggy areas, sunken paths, ponds ...

Part of the site of Parelles was used for the extraction of granite for 17 years. It still bears the traces of ancient human activity: remnants of hedges, low walls and quarried areas with large blocks of granite visible.
This site was an inspiration to George Sand for her LÉGENDES RUSTIQUES, and was part of a section of her novel NANON.
It keeps an atmosphere of mystery by its location, its terrain, the structure of vegetation (numerous tall trees, abundant moss, vines, ivy) and the presence of large granite boulders emerging from the ground, or nestled amid the vegetation. The scenery is profound.

Located on the edge of Berry and the Marche Limousine, the Parc des Parelles is part of the George Sand circuit.
It brings a very natural note to a circuit which is actually dominated by buildings.
You can find here many of the landscapes of the Black Valley described in her pastoral novels..